Interior Design

Despite the functional purpose interior design also has significant impact on mood and wellbeing through planning, lighting, decoration materials, furniture and decor. Like any quality product interior design requires a document’s preparation mainly “interior design plan”.

Design plan is an album of drawings that include planning solutions, ideas of interior design, engineering and design characteristics. Design plan is a necessary document for project developing.

Here is how we work:

STEP 1: Firstly we meet with customer, discuss his preferences for planning, functional zoning and interior decoration, create an assignment for designing.

STEP 2: Then we research the object, collect all available documentation and information, measure and photograph the space.

STEP 3: In this phase, we draw up the preliminary design plans (three options) that include location of walls and partitions with furniture. At this stage you can choose any plan you like.

STEP 4: Our designers work on style and colors creating the concept of the future interior and agree it with the customer. By the end of this stage we make a three-dimensional visualization of the object.

STEP 5: On the basis of the approved a three-dimensional visualization we develop other technical drawings.